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Karwak – Eco Matters

In a world that is continuously being piled up with toxic, plastic and other non-degradable waste, nothing is more hopeful than a product that can prove as helping hand in eliminating some sort of waste from the environment.

Karwak- Founded in 1997 by Abhay Kardeguddi with a concept to reduce carbon footprints and an initiative to offer Products and Services for environment friendly lifestyle. We came up with products made out of eco-friendly materials and after 19 years, today we have taken a step ahead to take our dream on a higher notch by going online with launch of our website

While finding perfect material to begin with the manufacturing process the other awaiting challenge was its design. Abhay along with his team came up with products that were not only nature friendly but also beautifully designed and long lasting.


Effects on Environment!

Day-to-day products like polythene bags, pen, clocks, folders, files, etc which are made up of plastic are used and thrown away without giving a second thought that it would just lay there for millions of years. Since plastic does not get decomposed for millions and trillions of years, they just tend to pile up or burnt up in order to get rid of it which later causes soil, water and air pollution.


Karwak offers you these products after eliminating plastic/ polythene. Yes! You heard it right. We have lot products that can eliminate use of plastic. Check them out below.

Products made from Wood and Bamboo


Products made from Recycled Corrugated Paper


Check out more products NOW! We constantly work towards providing better products and try out our hand in every possible way to serve our environment. We also conduct workshops and fun activity specially for children, where they not only enjoy but also learn about eco friendly products and how they can do it prepare all by themselves.

Workshop at Swara’s Birthday Party


If you wish to know more about our workshops or wish to attend any please contact us at