KARWAK Eco-Friendly Ganpati Makhar

Karwak D.I.Y. Ganpati Makhar are made out of 100% Recycled Special Corrugated Paper and Handmade paper and can handle 15kg of weight. These Makhars can easily assemble and disassemble and are super light in weight. Since the ‘base turns into box’, you can safely store Eco Makhar in it after disassembling it for next year; so it not only saves nature but also lot of space. Isn’t that just Cool!

To ensure you assemble Eco Makhar correctly and hassle free, an instruction manual is supplied with the Makhar. (Also available here)

For your assistance you can refer below video

Dimensions of the Ganpati Makhar

  • Base box dimensions:

    • Length : 16″
    • Breadth : 13″
    • Height : 2″
  • Approx. Usable dimensions (once Makhar is assembled fully):

    • Length: 11″
    • Breadth: 10″
    • Height: 15″


Do’s and Don’ts for Eco Makhar

  • Do not pour excessive water. Pl. Note it is paper.

  • Take care while using fire / incense sticks etc. alongside Eco Makhar.

We want you to reuse it for next 3 years and if handled properly then you can use it for 5 years- The purpose is to reuse it in order to give justice to resources used in making it .

To place order contact Vivek Murthy at +91 9881972411 or Email: vivek@karwak.com. You can also Shop Online

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