Let’s give back to nature, what it has given to us.

Every year Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated on the day of bhadrapad shuddh chaturthi, where Ganesh Idol is installed and worshipped.  Our vedas and puranas have mentioned importance of this festival. Previously these Ganesh Idols and their makhar’s were made from clay, soil, natural colours and other natural material which dissolved in water easily without harming nature. But with increasing popularity and to add a glorifying touch people have started using Makhars that are made out of Thermocol.

After completion of this festival, in Maharashtra alone trucks full of thermocol garbage goes wasted and not a single piece is left worth usable. There is no process where these disposed thermocol can be recycled and neither they are degradable.

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Karwak have come up with an innovative way to reduce this waste. We have created Makhar made out of 100% recycled Corrugated Paper and which can handle weight up to 15kg.


These Makhars are super easy to assemble and can be done by kids as well, helping them to participate in the family tradition in a creative way. They are not only easy to make but also easy to store. Each part of it can be removed and folded where base of makhar turns up as storage box, thus reducing storage space. Shop Now

You can enhance your decoration by adding a strong and bold colour back drop or go all natural and add plants and flowers accompanied with diyas and lamps.


This Festive season, let us welcome Ganeshji to an Eco friendly environment.

Let’s give back to nature, what it has given to us.


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